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Our Story

India's current mottos are "financial inclusion" and "AatmaNirbharta". Our story starts at the cusp of these two ideologies. Lakhs of hard-working people in the unorganized retail sector form the backbone of India's economy. Whether in a village, town or a large city, shopkeepers and kirana store owners have been unable to join the digital revolution because of factors like lack of awareness, knowledge and proper fintech support. This is the problem Airpay was built to address. Established by a team of professionals with decades of experience in the BFSI industry, Airpay focuses on developing insights into the deep market potential of the financial transaction and financial technology space in India. We aim to lead this pool of persevering small-scale entrepreneurs into a financially inclusive, financially stronger future.


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Airpay Pro that floated to aggregate, commoditize and distribute the services in most convenient form to the consumers. The motto of the company is to give convenience and value to all its customers who are looking for online mobile recharge related services. As a corporate we are committed to develop new strategies and influence business transformations with smart thinking expertise. Our business expertise aims to address the prevailing gaps in various service sectors.


To become a one-stop digital payment and banking point and superior distribution channel to improve India's monetization infrastructure, specifically in the unorganized retail sector.


To become India's best digital financial solutions provider in the unorganized sector.

To enable the adoption of fintech in every small business and retail store in India in a quest to grow their business and help expand their offerings.

To spur job creation by aiding micro-entrepreneurship, specifically in the rural and semi-urban sectors.


Insight-led - We make decisions based on cutting-edge, technologically-driven research and data.

Innovation - We continually evolve to create technology-enabled solutions and campaigns for our users.

Integrity - We encourage conducting business by adhering to the highest standards of trust and ethics.

Collaboration - We endeavour to strengthen and develop mutually beneficial relations with our customers and partners.

What we do

  • We provide user-friendly technology to retailers via in-app/web portal means. In turn, this gives retailers and distributors access to an array of financial products.
  • We provide banking and financial services by using safe and secure technology to assist people with:
    1. Bill payments and recharges
    2. Banking services
    3. Payment and cash collection services
    4. Travel and e-governance services
    5. Khata management services
  • We network with:
    1. Retailers - to enable them to increase earnings, provide loan facilities, provide branding and discounted services, provide no-rental digital payment devices.
    2. Distributors - to better manage their khata, improve performance indicators, ease the process of buying and selling, enable scale of business, provide training and support in running operations digitally.
    3. Developers - to leverage India's fastest and largest growing unorganized retail network to enable financial inclusion.